HCEC Assessment Required Documents

If you are at risk of losing your home or apartment, are homeless and need assistance with the move-in costs for an apartment, or need assistance with a utility shut-off you may qualify for financial assistance through Way Finders. We provide free housing assessments to determine eligibility for financial assistance. 

Even if you do not qualify for assistance internally, our dedicated staff will direct you to other community resources that may be able to help.

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Below is a list of required documents you MUST bring to your assessment:

  • Birth Certificate of all household members
    • Long form for any dependant children
  • Social Security Cards of all household members
  • Picture ID for all adults in the household
  • Confirmation of Full-time Student Status if child is 18-20, if applicable
  • All Income Verification - cannot be more than 60 days old*
    • Last 4 pay stubs OR Last 2 bi-weekly paystubs
    • Social Security
    • Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) cash and food stamps
    • Child Support payments
    • Pension or Annuity
    • Casual Labor - Notarized Letter
    • Notorized letter stating zero income for anyone 18 or older who isn't working
    • Any other source of income
  • You MUST have a documented crisis/emergency
    • Doubled up-homeless letter
    • Summary process
    • 14-Day notice
    • Eviction 
    • Failed inspection report
    • Board of Health condemnation order
    • Utility Shut-off
    • Notice of mortgage default (over 30 days past due)
  • Letter of Lead Compliance from potential landlord if there are children under 6-years of age.