Sarah Page

Senior Vice President, Community Building and Engagement

In her role as Senior Vice President, Community Building and Engagement, Sarah spearheads efforts to revitalize urban neighborhoods and empower local residents, engaging residents and community collaborators in initiatives that support public health and safety.

In 2015, with funding from the BUILD Health Challenge, Sarah and her team collaborated with many partners to launch the Healthy Hill Initiative to improve public safety and resident health in the Old Hill neighborhood of Springfield through fitness programs, better access to nutritious food and other efforts.

Prior to joining Way Finders, Sarah was the Executive Director of the Institute for Community Economics (ICE), a national Community Development Financial Institution and intermediary focused on affordable housing and community land trusts. Previous to her tenure at ICE, she was the founding director of Co-op Initiatives, Inc., a non-profit housing development organization in Hartford, Connecticut where she served for 10 years, developing housing cooperatives in Hartford’s suburbs. Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Planning and Art from the University of Massachusetts. She loves walking in nature, flower arranging, and enjoying art with her husband who is an artist.