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April 3, 2017

derek’s experience

Imagine the desperation of living on the streets with two young children. This was Derek's reality until he was referred to Way Finders. We were able to help him find a short-term housing solution and a temporary job.

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meet francisco

Francisco got hurt on the job and after several months, couldn’t pay the rent. He and his three-year old daughter ended up in a Way Finders’ temporary shelter. While he recovered from his injury, he took advantage of job readiness training and landed a full time job.

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Keyla’s Path

Keyla never dreamt of living in a world of violence, neglect, poverty and never expected to experience discrimination; however that was the world she knew. She had different, better dreams. Keyla wanted to rise out of poverty, build a career and eventually own her own home.

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Introducing Carmen

Carmen and her two children moved to Holyoke in 1981. Over the years she has witnessed the decline of her neighborhood. Recently, the South Holyoke Neighborhood Association was formed.

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Karon & Karolyn

A spunky woman well into her 70s, Karon Tyler has an energy level that surpasses many, despite health challenges and a recent motor vehicle accident. Karon is one of the Healthy Hill Initiative’s Resident Health Advocates and takes great joy in connecting Old Hill residents to numerous health-related activities, community events and advocacy work happening in the neighborhood.

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