Illustrator Peter O Zierlein’s “Thrive” Sculptural Wall Art for Live 155

May 31, 2018

Northampton, MA—Massachusetts’s based artist Peter O Zierlein has be creating work for 26 years, most notably for publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Print Magazine, Der Spiegel, and Die Zeir Berliner Zeitung. 

“When I heard that this artwork would be dedicated to something that would help people who perhaps don’t have the means to get quality, affordable housing and become residents of Northampton, I thought this piece should reflect that and reflect thriving and living well in a place,” said Peter Zierlein. 

Peter began work on his art back in February 2018. Thrive is an aluminum cut sculpture that has been powder coated in three colors and assembled in three layers to give dimension. The art was cut and powder coated by Salmons Studios in Florence, MA.   

“Live 155 is more than just another apartment building. We developed this property knowing there was a need for more affordable housing downtown. We took into great consideration the culture and artistic history of the city when designing the building. Thrive is just one of five local artists contributions to Live 155 and downtown. It will be one of the first things people see when they get off the bus or the train going into the city,” said Peter Gagliardi, President and CEO of Way Finders.   

Live 155 was completed in April 2018 and consists of 70 studio and one-bedroom apartment and 2,500 square feet of ground level retail space. 47 apartments are subsidized, or available at a reduced rent for tenants making under 60% Area Median Income thus making housing more available in a highly desirable, downtown location. 

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